Moorlands schools closed because of the adverse weather conditions

THE following schools in the Staffordshire Moorlands are listed as closed on the Staffordshire School Closure website owing to the adverse weather conditions.

Blackshaw Moor First School.

Cicely Haughton Special School, Wetley Rocks.

Endon Hall Primary School.

Endon High School.

Forsbrook Primary School.

Fulford Primary School.

Hollinsclough Academy.

Horton Lodge Special School.

Hutchinson Memorial First School, Checkley

Ilam Primary School.

Manifold Academy, Warslow.

The Moor First School, Biddulph Moor.

Moorside High School.

Rushton Primary School.

Squirrel Hayes First School, Biddulph.

St Anne’s Primary School, Brown Edge.

St Bartholomews First School, Longnor.

St Edward’s First School, Cheddleton.

St Giles Catholic School, Cheadle.

St John’s Primary School, Wetley Rocks.

St Leonard’s First School, Ipstones.

St Michaels First School, Horton.

St Peter’s First school, Horton.

St Peter’s Primary School, Caverswall.

St Thomas Catholic Primary School, Tean.

The Faber Catholic Primary School, Cotton.

The Meadows Special School, Leek.

Valley Primary School, Oakamoor.

Waterhouses Primary School.

Westwood First School, Leek.

More than 50 schools across Staffordshire have remained closed today because of the weather, but not all.

Blythe Bridge High School delayed opening its doors until 10am.