Pothole damage pay-outs to motorists totals over £444,000

STAFFORDSHRE County Council have paid out more than 440,000 in damages over the last six years to irate motorists whose vehicles have been damaged by potholes.

Over 1,300 drivers have made successful claims against the county authority since 2011.

The number of claims for damage has risen from 114 in 2011 to 338 in 2016, while the amount paid out has doubled from £44,252 to £102,310 during the same period.

Over the past year Staffordshire County Council has carried out 12,024 repairs in response to 13,259 reports of road defects.

Checkley county councillor Mark Deaville, oictured, cabinet member for highways and transport, stressed the authority will continue to improve the road network throughout the county.