Our Appeal To You: Please help young Dylan regain some independence with your generosity

A LEEK youngster, who has a crippling rare congenital disorder, could have his quality of life considerably improved with a specialist wheelchair costing thousands of pounds.

Ten year old Dylan Beeston has Shwachman Diamond Syndrome and cannot walk because of his debilitating condition.

Because Dylan’s shoulder joints are deformed, he cannot use crutches or a normal wheelchair to get about.

Dylan has undergone numerous operations. He been the recipient of a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy, and he has to inject himself every day with growth hormones – but still he manage to smile despite his painful ordeal.

Family and friends are promoting a public ordeal in the hope of raising the £15,000 that would purchase a specialist wheelchair to help restore some quality to young Dylan’s life.

They have so far raised £2,000 in their determined effort to give Dylan some independence and allow him to restore an active interest in the sports he so loves – football, tennis and athletics.

Mum Sonia Dale, 34, a self-employed beautician, said: “It is difficult for Dylan. He has such an able mind, he is so confident andf courageous and keeps going.”

The special OGO wheelchair has been invented in New Zealand but is not available through the NHS.

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Gary Shenton

Media Manager