Replacement town centre mail office needed post haste

A ROW has broken out after the announcement that Leek’s main post office will close next month.

The office is located in the Waitrose store, on Buxton Road,  which is closing on September 26.

Post Office network operations manager, Denise Nutbrown, says the in-store branch will be closing temporarily on Friday, September 22, as a result.

There are doubts that a sustainable new location for the branch in the town centre will be found.

Former Moorlands Labour MP Charlotte Atkins, now a county, district and town councillor, has described the situation as “unacceptable.”

She said: “They [Post Office] claim it is temporary but it is clear that they have no idea when it will reopen. If the contract was with Waitrose then they should be made to honour it.”

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council chairman Ben Emery says he wants to see the Post Office branch back in use in the town centre as soon as possible.

“This is now an option for a retail outlet to take on the additional business, but we need somewhere that will not cause traffic mayhem,” he said.

Any town centre retail outlet interested in taking on the running of a branch post office can call the Post Office agency recruitment team on 0845 601 6260.