Hospital bed closures: Moorlands councillors’ vote of no confidence in clinical group

STAFFORDSHIRE Moorlands District Council members have registered a unanimous vote of no confidence in the North Staffordshire Clinical Group (CCG) over its handling of bed closures at the Leek Moorlands and Cheadle community hospitals.

The decision was taken at a emergency meeting at Moorlands House, in Leek, to which the public was invited.

The councillors also called for Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt to intervene in the issue.

More than 23,000 people have signed a petition in protest at bed closures at the Leek Moorlands Hospital, where one ward has already been closed.

Councillor Pam Wood, who founded the Save Leek Hospital Group, said: “They (CCG) say the beds are temporarily closed but there is no intention of reopening them.”

Council leader Sybil Ralphs MBE, who organised the emergency meeting, said: I know that the hospital (Leek Moorlands) will close in March 2019. All beds will be empty by October 31.”

Campaigners are angry there has been no proper public consulation.