Police apply the brakes on thousands of speeding drivers in Staffordshire

POLICE have vowed to continue applying the brakes on speeding drivers in Staffordshire.

More than 33,000 motorists have been clocked ignoring speed restrictions in the county in just 12 months.

Offending drivers have been caught by either static cameras or roadside mobile vans.

More than 1,500 motorists have been clocked driving with excessive speed on the A50 between Blythe Bridge and Uttoxeter.

A Staffordshire Police spokesman said: Speed limits are set for a reason and motorists exceeding those maximum permit speeds are putting their lives and those of all other road users in danger..

Speeding is one of the five common factors in serious and fatal collisions. Therefore it’s imperative that high-risk locations are targeted.

Last year we equipped our road policing team with a new state-of-the-art camera to slow drivers down on high-risk roads.

The technology also provides a clear image of the driver. Most drivers caught speeding face a fine, penalty points or a speed awareness course.”