Planners recommend approval of innovative eco-friendly power scheme at Cheddleton factory

COUNTY councillors are today (Nov 2) being recommended to approve plans for an innovative eco-friendly power-generating scheme that will cut costs and safeguard jobs at a Cheddleton factory.

New biomass boilers at the UK’s largest rendering plant, John Pointon and Sons, would burn around 90,000 tonnes of wood waste each year, dramatically reducing the firm’s reliance on fossil fuels to power its operation.

A company spokesman said the scheme would bring an ‘innovative renewable and clean technology’ to its Felthouse Lane plant, cutting costs and safeguarding jobs.

Shredded and processed wood would be fed into the boiler system which would be capable of generating electricity and steam 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Operations would be controlled by a permit from the Environment Agency and the wood sourced from suppliers within a 50-mile radius.

Cheddleton Parish Council has raised no objections to the scheme and county planning officers are recommending that members give their approval.

A planning report to be put before today’s council meeting states: “Subject to the imposition of recommended conditions, the proposed development would not give rise to any unacceptable adverse impact on air quality or noise, flood risk, or any unacceptable adverse impacts on the highway networks.”