Town councillors back plans for two new housing developments in Cheadle

PLANS for two new housing developments in Cheadle have won support from town councillors.

Developers want to build up to 121 homes on the site of the former JCB factory at Cecily Mill. on Oakamoor Road, and 39 properties off The Birches.

B Cheadle Property Holdings have applied to the district council for outline planning permission at the 3.85 hectare Cecily Mill site, which has been earmarked for housing on the Local Plan.

The developer proposes to create access roads to the development off Oakamoor Road, while a residential link road will also be created to prevent vehicles using King Edward Street and Cecilly Street.

Coun Ron Locker, pictured, said: “None of us want the sort of developments that are proposed for Cheadle, but this proposal would at least help us deliver a portion of the homes allocated for the town in the Local Plan.

It’s a brownfield site, rather than greenfield, so i’ts actually a good area to develop and the saving grace is that it might even help the transport network, rather than hinder it, as there won’t be HGV’s going down there.

In reality, it won’t make a blind bit of difference what the town council says as the site will be developed anyway.”

Coun Julie Bull, pictured, said: “Lots of residents have contacted me to complain about this [development], but the rules and regulations for developments of this kind are written in stone.

We certainly can’t leave he site in the mess that it’s in at the moment, so there seems little alternative.”

Coun Richard Alcock, however, has voiced his opposition to the proposed Cecily Mill development.

All these new homes will ruin Cheadle completely because the town will simply be unable to cope with the extra traffic.”

The planning application relating to 1.5 hectares of land off The Birches has been submitted by Moorland Homes.