Impact of violence against Staffordshire police officers to be highlighted in court

A SHOCKING report has revealed Staffordshire Police officers are attacked every day in their line of duty.

As a result thousands of policing hours are lost every year when injured officers are forced to take sick leave.

Now the effect on frontline policing from assaults on officers is to be highlighted when offenders appear in court. Victim impact statements will be read out for the first time.

Bodycams have helped to bring prosecutions against offenders with filmed evidence.

Chief Constable Gareth Morgan (pictured) said: “All too often police officers and staff are subjected to assaults and threats. While the severity of attacks changes, the impact upon society does not.

It is never acceptable to assume that assaults on police officers should be tolerated, they are not part of the job.

While it is clear the nature of policing requires officers to handle difficult and hostile situations, assaults are unacceptable.

These assaults result in them [police officers] being absent through sickness which clearly impacts on the community as it limits the service we can offer.”

Earlier this year a police officer in Leek suffered a serious leg injury while dealing with a domestic disturbance incident in the town.