Community leader steps up fight for the return of beds to Cheadle Hospital

CHEADLE town councillor Ron Locker warns, because of ‘bed-blocking,’ there could soon be six-hour waits at the Royal Stoke Hospital emergency department – if beds taken out of the district’s community hospitals are not brought back into use.

He said: “It is disgraceful that people are fit to leave Royal Stoke but there is nowhere for them to go.

We have a beautiful hospital in Cheadle with no beds. It’s a proper community hospital where people could go. They could receive the treatment they need as a stop-gap before going home.

These are the people who have funded the NHS from the start and now are not getting the full whack of what they paid in for.

The former town mayor added: “Looking after people properly is far more important than saving money.

While for some people home is the best place to be, for others only seeing someone two times a day will be horrific. It is uncivilised.”