Staffordshire County Ladies Bowling Association results



Tuesday, June 5

Division One

Kingsley 126, Westlands One 123

Scores (Kingsley names first): Paula Yates 20, Vera Jackson 21; Elsie Alcock 16, Janice Adams 21; Andrea Bate 21, Doreen Yorke 5; Rachel Finney 7, Trish Hyatt 21; Marion Weston 21, Sylvia Oakes 14; Gabe Nulls 20, Sarah Bailey 21; Lynn Hubbard 21, Christine Bougard 20.

Division Two

Creda One 124, Leek Park One 91

Scores (Creda One names first): Kath Stanley 21, June Flavell 19; Kath Bentley 21, Carol Parker 4; Pauline Jones 21, Rowena Shufflebotham 6; Christine Steele 21, Margaret Perkin 6; Doreen Brownsword 10, Pauline Heath 21; Carol Faram 21, Linda Tweats 14; Sarah Cope 9, Patsy Allen 21.

FOUR Dilhorne players are named in Staffordshire away team to face Cheshire next weekend.

They are Leanne Burgess, Sue Wright, Carol Matthews and Laura Hallsworth.

Leek Park’s Patsy Allen joins them for the away leg at the Victoria Hall Bowling Club in Mobberley.

The home leg is being played at Birches Head Hotel Bowling Club.