Firefighters at stretch tackling SEVEN outdoor blazes

STAFFORDSHIRE Fire and Rescue Service have had their resources stretched fighting seven outdoor blazes today – as well as responding to a serious accident on the M6.

Crews were brought up from the south of the county to assist their colleagues in the north tackling yet another grassland fire at Park Hall Country Park, Weston Coyney this morning.

This afternoon firefighters were out again fighting another grassland fire at Cheddleton playing fields (pictured) which threatened a nearby housing estate.

A Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: “The fire in Cheddleton is now under control and crews will be scaling down to two appliances and a water carrier in the next few hours.

“Firefighters are working extremely hard to limit the damage to nearby properties. Once out a fire investigation will take place.”

The spokesman urged the public to keep an eye out for anyone they think may be starting fires. They should immediately alert the police by dialling 999.