Cheadle’s Tory MP will urge the PM to scrap the controversial HS2 rail project

SENIOR Tory MP Sir William Cash will today urge Prime Minister Theresa May to scrap the £56bn HS rail project.

The Member for Stone, whose constituency includes the Cheadle district, has called today’s debate in Parliament which will raise the issue of the controversial high-speed rail link connecting London with the north.

Sir William said: “Public opinion is turning against this project. It is a high-cost white elephant that will destroy the countryside.

“The money being paid to staff and consultants on the project is grotesque.”

The high-speed rail link is due to open its initial section in 2026 and has been the subject of fierce opposition from Sir William’s constituents in the Stone area through which it will pass.

The project has been dogged by delays and growing concerns about its spiralling cost.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said: “We are fully committed to the HS2 project. It will provide a vital infrastructure that will allow us to prosper long into the future.”