JCB dig in further to the growing global market with record sales

JOBS at Staffordshire-based JCB are being fuelled by record sales of its world-famous construction and agricultural machinery

Growing global markets have increased demand for the company’s wide range of products and only recently plans were announced for a new £50 million factory at Uttoxeter.

The site by the A50 will manufacture cabs for JCB’s assortment of machinery.

JCB chairman Lord Anthony Bamford, son of the company’s founder, Joseph Cyril Bamford, said production rates have now reached the highest level in the company’s history.

He added: “Employment levels across our plants are also at record highs and we now employ more than 15,000 people. In the UK alone, we have recruited 1,100 people this year, which is superb news for JCB and great news for British manufacturing.”

Latest figures show the company’s saes turnover increased from £2.62 billion to £3.35 billion in 2017 and the number of machine sales leapt from 66,011 to 75,693 in just 12 months.

JCB chief executive officer Graeme McDonald said: “While the global market grew by over 21 per cent last year, JCB’s sales increased by almost 28 per cent.”

The new factory at Uttoxeter is scheduled to open in 2019 adding still further to JCB’s expanding workforce.