Storm Callum unleashes itself on the Staffordshire Moorlands

OUTDOOR markets in the Staffordshire Moorlands have been cancelled in the Staffordshire Moorlands because of the threat to public safety posed by Storm Callum sweeping the district.

Today’s (Oct 12) market at Greyhound Walk in Cheadle and tomorrow’s outdoor market in Leek won’t be going ahead because of the high winds.

However, Leek’s indoor market remains open for business.

District councillor Brian Johnson said: “Sorry to disappoint but the safety of traders and shoppers has to come first. Thanks for your patience – and take care!”

Police are urging motorist to take extra care while Storm Callum rages with driving winds reaching speeds of up 70mph and accompanied by torrential rain.

People out walking are also urged to be on their guard against flying debris.

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for wind covering Northern Ireland and western parts of Wales, England and Scotland throughout today.

Power cuts, travel disruption and difficult driving conditions are predicted until Callum moves on.