Hero’s emerge from Cheddleton blaze.


24 hours after the blaze started the amazing fire fighters are still at the scene and burning still continues at what Cheddleton locals call Days Farm, just off Basford Bridge Lane. The cause is still not known yet but investigations are now being carried out. Lasar Radio can exclusively report that the fire started around 7pm, in that time the fire service was called and attended by numerous appliances. Pointon and Sons estate staff and management were also on scene immediately, also local farmers and land owners attended and offered help and assistance. A team effort was in place to save animal stock and farming equipment before the fire services declared the site unsafe and everyone had to leave the site. The head gamekeeper was on site to destroy cattle penned in the barns and luckily the gate was ripped off it’s hinges to release all stock with flames encroaching, two minutes later the same area was in flames. The farm dog was also rescued with seconds to spare due to the heat from the fire, after 30 minutes the dog was recovering well. The team then removed gas bottles from the barn before the heat exploded them. Most of the machinery was removed but a massive grass cutter would not start. Frantically 3 hero’s jump started the machine as fire and heat encroached. One of the team was a son of the Pointon brothers. Then the site was to unsafe to be at and everyone had to leave under the instructions of the fire service. Finally the amazing team left the site exhausted at 1pm. Their actions were amazing and probably go unrecognised. The fire and rescue services were unbelievable as were all the emergency services in the intense heat, nobody or animal was hurt in the whole incident. lasarradio.co.uk