Coors Sunday League results and fixtures


Results (6/01/19):-

Premier Division: AFC Mow Cop 2, Cuckoo Albion 0; Brown Edge 1, Shamblers 5; Chell Heath Knave 2, Sneyd Green 2; Swan Burslem 0, White Hart VPR 3.

Division One: AFC Black Lion 0, Cheshire Cheese 2.

Division Two: Anchor Athletic 5, Ball Green WMC 0; Plaza 1, Locomotive 4.

Division Three: AFC Wulstan 1, Ashbank 5; Congress Town 0, Moorlands Athletic 1; Lymedale Athletic 2, Kidsgrove 3; Roaring Meg 3, Wolstanton HS 2.

Division Four: Bucknall C&BC 1, Ye Olde Manor Inne 1; Castle Mona 0, Bradwell FC 1; Park Inn Knights 5, Trent Tavern AFC 5; Stoke Town 2, Birches Head 1.

Division One Cup quarter-final: Canal Tavern 1, Newcastle Athletic 1 (Newcastle Athletic win 5-4 pens); Coach & Horses 6, Wellington FC 3; Jolly Carter 2, Knutton Community 7. New Penny 2, Knutton Community 7.

Division Two Cup quarter-final: AFC Hollybush 1, Sea Lion 5; AFC Northwood 5, Ossma Blurton 3; The Kiln 2, Marquis  of Granby 2 (Marquis of Granby win 4-3 pens).

Staffs FA Premier Cup quarter-finals: Potters Bar 2, Birches Head Marchington 0.

Staffs FA Kimberley Trophy third round: Global Vision 3, Redgate Clayton U21s 0; Halmerend FC 2, FC Gardeners 3.

Fixtures (13/01/19):-

Premier Division: Cuckoo Albion; White Hart VPR v Swan Burslem.

Division One: Cheshire Cheese v Derby Athletic Res; Knutton Community v New Penny; Wellington v Coach & Horses.

Division Two: Locomotive v Ball Green WMC; Marquis of Granby v The Kiln; Sea Lion v AFC Hollybush.

Division Three: AFC Wulstan v Railway Inn; Global Vision v Lymedale Athletic; Kidsgrove FC v Wolstanton HS; Lymedale Athletic v Redgate Clayton U21s; Roaring Meg v Congress Town.

Division Four: Bradwell FC v Park Inn Knights; Castle Mona v Birches Head; Trent Tavern AFC v Bucknall C&BC; Ye Olde Manor Inne v FC Gardeners.

Tatters Trophy third round: AFC Black Lion v Plaza; AFC Furlong v Jolly Carter; AFC Northwoood v Canal Tavern; Moorlands Athletic v  Newcastle Athletic.

Bill Slater League Cup third round: AFC Mow Cop v Stoke Town; Barley Mow v Potters Bar; Ossma Blurton v Sneyd Green.

Premier Division Cup quarter-final: Brown Edge v Chell Heath Knave.

Staffs FA TB Williamson Trophy third round:  Anchor Athletic v Baddeley Green.