I Quit Because Of Council Bullies – Gail Lockett

Gail Lockett resigned from Council Events Committee.

In response to the resignation from the Events Committee, Gail Lockett released this statement to Lasar Radio.

“I have stepped down due to the bullying/threatening behavior/intimidation of other Town Councilor’s I did not want any adverse publicity on The Events Committee brought on by other Town Councilor’s hoping to get cheap disgusting publicity. I have been asked to reconsider but I believe it’s for the best of the committee. I am still a member of the committee and will be a very active member which I have been for years, I believe that one member cannot organise everything and it’s always been a group effort, since I became the Chairman we have had more volunteers than we have had in years and I hope this carries forward as you don’t need a title, actions always speak louder. Me being Chairman or not being Chairman has no effect”.

Lasar Radio asked Gail Lockett if she would be standing as a local councilor this coming election, she replied “if I decide to stand in May I will make that decision nearer the time”