Search for learning disability nurses who worked at Stallington Hospital

Impressive Stallington Hall which became a psychiatric hospital .

KEELE University is searching for the first learning disability nurses who worked at the former Stallington Hospital near Blythe Bridge.

They will be invited to an event to mark the centenary of learning disability of nursing the UK.

The psychiatric hospital, for adults and children, closed in 1997.

British Psychological Society archives have already identified a number of women who gained registered nurse status in 1994: Phyllis H Johnson, Helen Sargent, Lillian Fletcher, Mary Bridget O’Shaughnessy, Winifred Joyce Davenport, Anne Atkins, Agnes Lilly Campbell and Julia Astle.

The university’s school of nursery and midwifery wants to hear from the women to find out more about their experiences.

They can contact Dale Nixon on 01782 679509 or email [email protected]

Stallington Hall was the private home of Brigadier-General Sir Hill Child, before he sold it to the City of Stoke-on-Trent 1924 and it became an asylum.

The 2nd Baronet was a senior officer in the British Army before retiring from regular service in 1909.

The following year he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in the part-time territorial force and appointed commanding officer of the II North Midland Brigade in the Royal Field Artillery and was awarded the DSO in 1916 while engaged in the First World War.

On completion of his war service he served as Coalition Conservative MP for Stone between 1918-1922.