Children’s nursery plan for Cheddleton gains approval from district councillors

The former Millers Pharmacy on Cheadle Road, Cheddleton.

CHEDDLETON is a step closer to get a new children’s nursery in the village.

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council planning committee has approved the change of use of a former pharmacy to a day nursery.

The Little Stars Childcare nursery will be based at the former Millers Pharmacy on Cheadle Road.

Eleven people supported the planning application and seven lodged objections.

A report submitted to district councillors by planning officials recommending approval stated: “Cheddleton is a larger village with considerable areas of housing and it is also within proximity of other settlements.

“An area such as this can only be well served by competitive and available childcare helping parents to return to work.

“New competition and choice is positive, in terms of the planning balance there is no harm that derives from this.

“The presumption in favour of this sustainable development and the obvious economic and community benefit should prevail; it is not outweighed by any adverse impact.”