Fire service issue safety warning as the hot sun beats down over Easter

Carelessness led to woodland at The Roaches near Leek being devastated by fire last year.

WITH the temperatures set to peak over the Easter weekend, many people may choose to take their celebrations outside for barbecues and a drink or two. SFRS are urging the public to take extra care as the dry weather means the conditions are ideal for fires to begin very easily. 

Glynn Luznyj Director of Prevent and Protect said: “By just following a few simple tips will help ensure you enjoy the warm weather safely. For example, thinking about the positioning of the BBQ, not dropping cigarettes on grassland and avoiding leaving mirrors or glass in direct sunlight can prevent fires starting. 

“A plea in particular for parents is to ensure your children know the consequences of setting fires outdoors and also about the dangers of outdoor lakes and pools. The open water may seem appealing but it’s often much colder than you think and there are often hidden dangers beneath the surface – it’s much safer to get the paddling pool out at home instead!” 

The Service’s top tips for staying safe during the warm weather are: 

Having a barbecue:

  • Don’t drink too much if you’re in charge of the cooking
  • Don’t leave it unattended
  • Ensure the coals are completely out when you’re done. The best way to do this is to leave the coals in cold water
  • Position your barbecue away from fences, trees and buildings

Dying for a dip:

  • Keep out of open water, it could be deeper than you think or hide dangerous items
  • Don’t swim if you have been drinking
  • Water can be colder than you think and you could get cold water shock
  • The water may look calm but the current can be stronger than you think

Enjoying a picnic:

  • Discard smoking materials properly
  • Don’t light disposable barbecues on grass or flammable surfaces

Setting a bonfire:

  • Don’t use paraffin or petrol to light the fire
  • If you’re burning a large amount of rubbish, inform Fire Control of the controlled burn as large amounts of smoke are likely to generate concerned calls to them
  • Keep it well away from buildings and greenery