Compost bins offer for kitchen and garden waste

HOUSEHOLDERS in Staffordshire are being urged to take up composting with the aid of free compost bins from the county council.

This week is International Composting Week and people can now order a compost bin online to get them started.

The county council has teamed up with the national GetComposting organisation to offer Staffordshire residents a compost bin for the price of the postage, £5.99.

Composting turns kitchen and garden waste into a free nutrient rich food for gardens and can be used on the vegetable garden, flower beds or placed around trees to improve soil structure and nutrient content. Most uncooked kitchen waste and garden rubbish can be composted.

To order a 220l black compost bin people should go to:

There is also an option to upgrade to a 220l green bin (an extra £2), a 330l black bin (extra £2) or a 330l green bin (extra £4). Each household can order one bin.

The Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP) estimates that the use of a home compost bin diverts approximately 150 kilogrammes of waste per household away from landfill sites each year.

Staffordshire County Council’s communities leader Gill Heath said: “Composting is an easy and efficient way to dispose of green and appropriate food waste. We’re pleased to be able to offer Staffordshire residents this offer to get them started.

“Over 30 per cent of the average household waste can be composted, helping to reduce carbon emissions so we’re encouraging more to get involved. Home composting organic waste helps to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

“There are a limited number of bins available so we’d urge people to get in touch as soon as possible.”