Cannabis plants unearthed by police in Tean

POLICE have carried out another successful drugs raid in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Officers swooped on a residential property at Tean yesterday (June 15) and unearthed a quantity of cannabis plants.

Signs of drug dealing or use in your community:

  • Increased traffic from cars and pedestrians that only stops for short periods.
  • Activity or noise that is heavier at weekends, late at night or around paydays.
  • People loitering around a property during periods of heavy traffic.
  • People waiting in cars before or after visiting a property.
  • People parking around the corner or a few streets away and approaching on foot.
  • Money or parcels being exchanged through windows, letterboxes or under doors.
  • Small packets being exchanged for money.
  • Debris including tin foil, small plastic bags ‘wraps’, blister packs or syringes.

Remember, if you suspect the manufacture, sale or use of drugs in your community, making a note of any people or vehicles involved can help the police identify offenders.

How to spot cannabis or amphetamine factories:

  • Lights being left on, day and night.
  • Curtains constantly drawn or blacked-out windows.
  • Unpleasant, pungent or chemical smells.
  • High humidity in a property.
  • Chemical containers or drums at the property with labels removed or covered over.
  • Venting protruding from the roof.
  • Constant noise from cooling fans.
  • Large bags of debris or soil being carried into, or out of a property.
  • Properties that look unoccupied, but are visited for short periods of time.
  • Lots of people coming and going at different or unusual times.
  • Expensive vehicles visiting a person or property, which may not be in keeping with the surrounding area.

Report the Use or Dealing of Drugs

Call 101 and report the information to Staffordshire Police. We cannot attend and force entry into a private dwelling without a warrant. Any information provided will be used as intelligence.