Comment: Thugs are taking over Leek

WHAT on earth is happening on the streets of Leek, with yet another outbreak of violence.
On this latest occasion a mass brawl broke out outside a takeway in the town centre, resulting in a local man suffering injuries.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there simply aren’t enough police out walking our streets to keep us safe, since the crazy reduction in officers nationwide made by Government.
I also still believe it was a big mistake to shut the magistrates courts in Leek and Cheadle, which appeared to have a tighter grip on local law and order than is the case today.
Our many self-serving politicians need to put things right quickly if we are to avoid Britain being labelled a lawless society.
It’s deeply distressing that a lovely market town like Leek is under threat from thugs who feel free to do whatever they like.

Gary Shenton, Ex-chairman Leek Crime Prevention Panel