Staffordshire County Women’s Hockey League results and fixtures

ABBOTSHOLME Ladies open their 2019 campaign in the Staffordshire Womens Hockey League tomorrow (Sept 28).
The club has gone from strength to strength since being formed only three years ago at Abbotsholme School, near Rocester, winning two consecutive league titles.
The Divisio Three champions start life in Division Two away to Barton 1st XI.
Fixtures (28/09/19):-
Division One: North Stafford 1s v Lichfield 4s; Cannock 3s v Bloxwich 2s; Dudley 1s v Leek 2s; Lichfield 3ss v Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 2s; Stafford 1s s Stafford 2s.
Division Two: Uttoxeter 1s v North Stafford 2s; Stone 2s v Streetly 1s; Aldridge & Walsall 1s v Phoenix Blues 1s; Barton 1s v Abbotsholme 1s.
Division Three: Bloxwich 3s v Leek 4s; Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 3s v Lichfield 6s; Leek 3s v Tamworth 3s; Lichfield 5s v Stone 3s.
Division Four: North Stafford 3s v Dudley 2s; Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 5s v Lichfield 7s; Cannock 4s v Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 4s; Tamworth 4s v Bloxwich 4s; Stafford 4s v Keele University 1s.
Results (21/09/19):-
Division One: Dudley 1s 2, North Stafford 1s 5; Stafford 1s 3, Cannock 3s 0; Lichfield 3s 3, Lichfield 4s 2; Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 2s 5, Stafford 2s 0; Leek 2s 9, Bloxwich 2s 0.
Division Two: Uttoxeter 1s 3, Streetly 1s 1; North Stafford 2s 2, Phoenix Blues 1s 6.
Division Three: Bloxwich 3s 1, Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 3s 10; Leek 4s 1, Tamworth 3s 1; Lichfield 5s 3, Lichfield 6s 2; Stafford 3s 1, Leek 3s 5. Division Four: Cannock 4s 5, Lichfield 7s 0; Wolverhampton & Tettenhall 5s 1; Bloxwich 4s 0, Dudley 2s 5.