Staffordshire Moorlands bus passengers hit by more timetable changes

BUS services in the Staffordshire Moorlands have been hit by more changes to timetables.
The adjustments affect:
6/6A Hanley-Longton-Meir-Coalville/Parkhall/Blythe Bridge: Most trips re-timed after 9.30am (Mon-Sat). Sundays unchanged.
7/7A Hanley-Smallthorne-Chell-Kidsgrove/Biddulph: Mon-Fri 7.05am and 7.20am from Hanley run five mins earlier. All trips from Kidsgrove and Biddulph re-timed between 6.30am and 8am. 9pm trip from Biddulph runs 15 mins later. Weekends unchanged.
18 Hanley-Sneyd Green-Baddeley Green-Endon-Leek: Now operated by fleet of refurbished buses branded LeekLink. Mon Fri 6.59am from Leek leaves 10 mins earlier but still arrives Hanley 7.40am. 7.34am from Baddeley Green to Hanley leaves 10 mins earlier but still arrive Hanley 8am. Sat: 7.45am from Baddeley Green to Hanley leaves 10 mins earllier arriving Hanley 8am.
Kingfisher Hanley-Werrington-Kingsley-Cheadle-Tean-Uttoxeter: MonFri 6.25am from Cheadle to Uttoxeter runs 15 mins earlier. 6.37am from Hanley to Uttoxerer runs 10 mins earlier. 8.27am from Hanley leaves 8.37am, Werrington 8.55am, then usual times to Uttoxeter. 4.47am from Hanley to Uttoxeter runs five minutes later. New trip from tean to Hanley 6.48am. 7.30am from Uttoxeter bus station to Hanley leaves at 6.51am, arriving at 8.27am. 8am (schooldays) and 8.10am (holidays) leaves Uttoxeter railway station 7.50am each weekday, arriving Hanley 9.27am. Saturday’s 8.05am from tean to Hanley runs 20 mins earlier. Sunday’s 9.15am from Tean to Hanley runs 10 mins earlier.