Coronavirus: Shops open and shops closed

PEOPLE have been told to stay at home unless they have to go out for one of four reasons:

SHOPPING for basics, which everyone will be told to do as little as possible.
Shops remaining open are basically:
a Supermarkets, pharmacies, food shops, petrol stations, corner shops, hardware stores, pet shops, newsagents.
EXERCISE limited to once a day. Exercise alone or with a person you are living with.
TO CARE for a vulnerable person or attend an urgent medical appointment.
TRAVEL to or from work where it is impossible to work from home.

Shops including clothing and electrical, hairdressers and nail bars.
Libraries, playgrounds and outdoor gyms in parks.
Hotels closed to tourists.
Campsites, B&Bs and caravan sites.

Gatherings of more than two people in public banned from Thursday, when new powers will come into force allowing police to fine people. On the spot fines will set initially at £30, but will increase if there is widespread flouting of the rule.
Weddings and baptisms will be banned. Funerals still allowed, but with limited attendance.