Coronavirus: Police warning to those who ignore new ‘stay at home’ restrictions

STAFFORDSHIRE’S chief constable has warned that his officers will arrest and fine people who ignore new measures introduced by the Government to combat the coronavirus pandemic.
“We will crack down on those that think the rules don’t apply to them,” said Gareth Morgan (pictured).
He added: “The guidance, in my view, is clear in terms of what people are being asked to do.
“I believe the vast majority of people will comply with that because they recognise that, if they don’t, the healthcare system will be overwhelmed and the measures imposed by the Government could become even more stringent.”
Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week announced new restrictions to keep people inside their homes and stem the spread of what can be a deadly virus.
Most shops are now closed and a ban has been imposed on gatherings of more than two people other than household groups.
Police have been given new powers to disperse groups and order people to stay in their homes.
Mr Morgan said: “We have been given powers to disperse, issue fixed penalty tickets and there will be arrest powers for peope who don’t comply We won’t shirk away from using them
“I pay tribute to the fact that my colleagues are coming to work and doing their job as normal – they have also families and friends, they are balancing all that like everyone else and have to focus on their jobs as well”.