Firefighters warn of dangers after kitchen blaze

STAFFORDSHIRE Fire and Rescue Service have issued a warning about the dangers of leaving cooking food unattended following a kitchen blaze in Leek.

Firefighters from Leek and Hanley  were recently called to a kitchen fire at a home in Prince Charles Avenue.

The occupants had left food cooking in an oven while they went out.

Station manager Carl Mason said: “Whenever you’re cooking you should always keep a close eye on your food to prevent it burning and potentially starting a fire. You should never go and out leaving things cooking.

“Fortunately this home had working smoke alarms which gave an early alert to the neighbours who immediately called the Service.

“Luckily they did the right thing by calling us immediately rather than investigating. You should never ever enter a property if there’s any sign that a fire is underway, even a small amount of smoke can cause you to collapse and put you in serious danger.

“Thanks to the quick actions of the neighbours the damage to this home was minimal.”