Numerous complaints made to police about anti-social misuse of fireworks

POLICE urging people in to be responsible with fireworks following a number of incidents in North Staffordshire.

Over the last of five days, officers have received numerous reports from members of the community of incidents where young people, aged in their early to mid-teens, have been setting fireworks.

A Staffordshire Police spokesman said:  “The local community team will be working with local businesses who sell fireworks to prevent them falling into the hands of underage people.

“We are also in continuous engagement with local youngsters and will be advising them of the dangers they are putting themselves and others, in by the anti-social misuse of fireworks.

“We will also look to prosecute those who sell and use fireworks illegally.

“I’d also appeal to parents and guardians to ensure that they know what their children are doing, especially if they know they are using fireworks. Please help us to keep them safe.
“In the wrong hands fireworks can cause serious injury or damage.”