Police clamp down on anti-social behaviour in Cheadle

POLICE in Cheadle are clamping down on low-level crime and anti-social behaviour in the Moorlands town following a recent increase in incidents.

In a bid to tackle the issue, Staffordshire Moorlands Neighbourhood Police team have put a Dispersal Order in place this week.
This gives police the powers to tackle anyone aged 10 or over who has committed or is suspected of committing anti-social behaviour, or likely to cause harassment and distress to others. Police can order an individual to leave the locality by the most appropriate means.
Failing to comply with an order is a criminal offence and police can remove anyone under the age of 16 to a place of safety or take them to their home address, using reasonable force if required. They can issue the notices for a period of up to 48 hours and anyone found breaching a notice is liable to be arrested and prosecuted.
Sergeant Samantha Tweats said: “Following an increase in calls from concerned residents, we will be patrolling the town centre over the coming days to tackle any instances of anti-social behaviour.
ā€œI must stress Cheadle is a very safe and low crime area to live, anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in our community. Anyone involved, either individually or as part of a group, will be dealt with accordingly.
ā€œIā€™d like to appeal to parents and guardians to ensure that they know where their children are, what they are up to and who they are with.ā€
Anyone concerned about anti-social behaviour in their community should contact Staffordshire Police by calling 101.