Wednesday Sport: Cheadle Town fined for failing to raise a team

CHEADLE Town have been hit by a £150 fine from the Staffordshire County Senior League after failing to raise a reserve team for Saturday’s Division One fixture at home to Milton United.

We had no alternative to but to forfeit the game because we needed reserve team players to make up the first team,” explained Alan Beaman, the club’s director of football.

First team manager Mark Alcock found himself down to just four players for the Premier Division game away to Walsall Phoenix, after to two groups players cried off to attend what Beaman described as “jollies” [celebrations].”

He added: “I can’t understand the attitude of certain players today, this sort of thing didn’t happen when I was a player. We were fully committed to the club.”

Cheadle’s efforts to get together a team for the 100-mile round trip to Walsall brought no reward: the visitors lost heavily 6-0.

Beaman warned changes were considered being made within the club after Saturday’s problems.

The club is at a crossroads, but the management refuse to be beaten.

We are looking to go outside of Cheadle for players we can rely on in the future. To help us do this we are hoping to get someone out of town to assist Mark [Alcock] who knows players that could strengthen our squad.”

Tuesday night’s results:-


Premier Division: Stourport Swifts 1, Coleshill Town 1. Postponed: ROCESTER v Boldmere St Michaels, Shepshed Dynamo v Quorn.

Division One: Brocton 2, Paget Rangers 2; Walsall Wood 1, Leicester Road 1. Postponed: Bolehall Swifts v UTTOXETER TOWN, Heather St Johns v Racing Club Warwick.