Community leaders call for a new pedstrian crossing in Leek

COMMUNITY leaders concerned about pedestrian safety want a new crossing to be installed in Leek.

It follows concerns been raised over the safety of pedestrians crossing St Edward Street to reach the car parks and new post office in High Street.

Town councillor Stephen Wales, pictured, said: “This is a blind spot. People walking from Sheepmarket to the post office and car parks have to cross St Edward Street. A pedestrian crossing in the area should be pursued.”

There was support from fellow councillor Coun Pam Wood said a suitable crossing for St Edward Street had been needed for years.”

St Edward Street.

Coun Wood also raised concern about dangers facing pedestrians using the crossing at the top of Stockwell Street, which she described as a “death trap.”

Coun Charlotte Atkins, who is also a county councillor, said she would raise the issues at Stafford.