Thousands have signed county-wide petition to keep school crossing wardens employed

SCHOOL crossing warden campaigners at Werrington have launched a campaign demanding the county council keeps on employing the ‘lollipop lady’ in their village.

The crossing patrol serves the village primary school in Washerwall Lane and is one of nearly 250 in Staffordshire facing the axe in order to save the authority £540,000 a year.

Staffordshire County Council says in future school crossing patrols will have to be funded by district or parish councils.

But local councillor Lisa Martin, who has started a petition, says not all councils have the money.

She says Washerwall Lane is a very busy road and needs a school crossing patrol to ensure the safety of children.

More than 4,300 people have signed a county-wide petition against the school crossing cuts proposed by the county council.

The authority is looking to make £35 million of savings in 2019/20 to counter reductions in Government funding.

Copies of the Werrington petition are available to sign in the village library.