Potteries and District Sunday Football League results and fixtures


Results (2/12/18:-

Premier League: Staffordshire Knot 1, Sneyd 2.

Division One: Silverdale Athletic 4, Knave FC 2.

PDSL/CT Division Two: Moorcroft United 6, Social Services 1.

League Cup third round: AFC Trent Tavern 2, Red Lion Hartshill 1; Chesterton AFC 3, Loggerheads 2; Keele University 0, Adderley Green 6 .

Subsidiary Cup quarter-final: Holditch Club 2016 4, Holditch United 5. First round: Fulford United 5, Cheadle Town 2.


Veterans League: Bench and Bar 2, Silverdale 2; Tean 2, Abbey Hulton United 4.

Fixtures (9/12/18):-

Premier League: AFC Trent Tavern v Adderley Green.

Division One: Chesterton AFC v Silverdale Athletic.

Division Two: AFC Click v Black Cock; Fulford United v Keele University; Holditch United v Social Services; Red Lion Hartshill v Holditch Club 2016.


Veterans League: Hanley Town v R Burslem; Newcastle Athletic v Norton Wanderers.