Wrestling legend reveals all in his new book about life in and out of the ring

Masked wrestler Kendo Nagasaki was a big crowd-puller at Hanley’s Victoria Hall.

WRESTLING’S masked legend Kendo Nagasaki’s reveals all in his new book about life in (and out) of the ring .

Real name Peter Thornley, from Oakamoor, the now 76-year-old reveals all in his book titled ‘Kenodo Nagasaki the Man Behind the Mask ‘

The macho ‘bad boy’ of the ring was in his hey day in the 1970s and 80s when wrestling was big on live TV and drew audiences of up to 14 million.

Locally, big audiences regularly packed into Hanley’s Victoria Hall on Saturday nights, especially when the likes of Nagasaki and his staunch rival, Count Bartelli and others including Big Daddy and The Giant Haystacks, were topping the bill.

Peter nowadays teaches Zen spiritualism at his manor house, in the grounds of the former Moor Court women’s prison, situated high up on the edge of Oakamoor village.

The self-made millionaire, who has accrued his wealth from successful property deals,

Reveals in his book how he has been living as a secret bisexual for most of his life.

He confesses to have been in a relationship with a man since the death of his wife Yvette, aged 80, in 1993.

Peter said: “I knew about my sexuality as early as 17, but it wasn’t until I was 26 that I started to be really me.

“By the time I became a TV star back in 1972 I’d had flings with other men,” he added.

Peter his donating the proceeds from his book to the charity foundation set up in the name of murdered soldier Lee Rugby, who was struck down by two Islamic extremists outside his barracks in Woolwich, London in 2013.

A retreat was opened at Moor Court, on the fifth anniversary of Fusilier Rigby’s death, in his memory, where veterans and their families could spend time to recover from the loss of serving members of the Armed Forces.