Cheddleton homes plan set for approval despite hundreds of objections from villagers

CONTROVERSIAL plans for a new housing development in a Staffordshire Moorlands village are set to go ahead, despite the district council receiving more than 200 letters of objection from local residents.

Developer L&C Holmes is seeking planning permission for 21 homes on land off Ox Pasture and near Ostlers Lane, Cheddleton.

But local residents have raised a number of concerns about the project, including road safety issues and the affect it will have on the local infrastructure.

Cheddleton Parish Council has also written to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council objecting to the scheme.

However, the council’s planning officers are recommending planning committee members voice their approval.

Officers state in their report:

“Despite concerns raised by local residents about the impact on the surrounding public right of way, the development would not encroach on or prevent use of these pedestrian routes.

“The proposal would deliver economic benefits through the construction of the dwellings and once completed through extra spending power in the local economy and increased Council tax receipts.

“Moderate weight is attached to these economic benefits. There would be social benefits with the provision of additional housing and the provision of affordable housing.

“The application proposal has been found to be acceptable on matters of highway safety, nature conservation and residential amenity and is considered to be neutral factors in the planning balance.

“It is unlikely that the scheme would result in a scale of heritage of harm to outweigh the benefits of housing provision in the context of the titled balance.”

An extended public consultation on the plan is ongoing until March 2.