Far Eastern approach to teaching maths earns Biddulph school national status

A STAFFORDSIHRE Moorlands School has achieved national recognition for its Far Eastern approach to teaching maths.
Squirrel Hayes First School, in Biddulph, is one of just over 20 schools in England to be awarded ‘advocate school’ status for teaching maths Singapore-style.
A study by UCL Institute of Education and Cambridge University concludes that children taught through the Singaporean “maths mastery” approach learn faster than their classmates – making, on average, and extra month of progress in a calendar year.
Squirrel Hayes head teacher Erica Pickford said: ” We have been embedding the principles of the ‘Singapore approach’ over the last few years and have seen a significant rise in the standards of maths within our school as a result.”
The Singapore method of teaching maths includes getting children to use concrete objects and pictorial representations.