Coronavirus: If everyone does right thing like China we can get back to normality quicker

Carlton Palmer reports from China.

THE lockdown imposed in China, from where the coronavirus has spread, has had a positive effect, according to former England footballer Carlton Palmer, who now lives in that country, where he works for an international school in Shanghai.
In an interview in today’s Express newspaper, under the headline ‘UK Must Learn From Police Here In China’, he says:
“WE were called back to Shanghai this week. My wife Lucy and I flew via Moscow and were taken to a facility for testing when we landed in China.
We stood in line as doctors and nurses took our temperatures. The process took 20 minutes. We tested negative but were asked to spend the night in a hotel before we could go.
We were home in our apartment by 10am the next day.
Even though we have been tested and we don’t have the virus we have to spend the next two weeks in quaratine.
I only left my apartment to collect a delivery from the gate and had a call from police on our compound to say they would have to put us in complete isolation if we did not stay in doors.
When they tell you to stay in you cannot go out. They make sure of that. All the compounds are policed.
The neighbours have sent gifts of fresh food and tissues.
China is coming out of its lockdown. The only cases being reported are those cases coming into the country from overseas as people from different companies return to work. Now you can’t get back into the country if you test positive.
It seems to have been brought well under control here.
I hope everybody in the UK realises how serious it is.
As we can see in China, normality will return if everyone does the right thing.”